How to attract women in one minute!!

Every man, since he's 14-15 years old, ask himself how to attract women .
And just a few find their answer.
Every men is different. So how to attract women depends on the personality of the guy.
If you are a silent guys don't force yourself talkin' too much, just be silent.
If you're funny and full of energy, you'll find that how to attract women will be easy: just be funny and play with them.
Let your personality explode without problems. This is how to attract women !!
The most masculine men are the men that just let their personality fly, so you have to do the same.
this will be enough. Prepare yourself, 'cause when you'll follow my tip you'll be full of women, and you probably don't have time for yourself!! It will be great, and easy.
Don't follow rules or mechanical strategies. Just let your brain flow and don't let it stop you.
So at the end, how to attract women ? Don't ask yourself questions, and do whatever you want!
Have a great life!! This is how to attract women !!